Aktie Maschinenfabrik Esslingen
Gründungsaktie der Maschinenfabrik Esslingen mit Unterschrift von
Georg Doertenbach.



Dr. Thilenius Management GmbH
  • Is a privately owned investment management and capital markets advisory firm
  • Is located in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Is independent of banks or other financial services groups to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Manages portfolios on an individual basis
  • Specialises in the development of individual investment strategies, the selection of banks in various countries, the implementation of the strategy, monitoring and strategic controlling of the success
  • Offers investment advice on international equity and fixed income products including the emerging markets of Asia, Eastern and Central Europe
  • Usually invests the company’s own and its shareholders money in accordance with that of its clients to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Is a niche-operator focusing on quality and individuality


Core strategies are investments in international growth stocks for growth oriented investors and investments in international stocks of tried and tested dividend payers with a record of consistently increasing dividends for income oriented investors.







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